Reece Walsh Guilty Banned Out Of ORIGIN III



Broncos superstar Reece Walsh has been found guilty of contrary conduct after a marathon NRL judiciary hearing on Tuesday night and handed a three-game suspension which means he will miss State of Origin III for Queensland.

It was a split decision with the Chairman casting the deciding vote after the two-man judiciary panel, of ex-NRL player Tony Puletua and ex-NRL referee Shaun Hampstead, disagreed following almost an hour of deliberations.

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  1. Time after time, rugby league players tend to forget that good players in any team need to develop their abilities and experiences by being disciplined to the extent of swallowing their pride and obeying decisions determined by referees as outcome in all matches. It’s the captain’s responsibility to address the referee and question his decision and discretion on certain ruling which affects the match one way or other. To incur suspension for anyone who addresses a referee abusively. depicts the lack of discipline, experience and knowledge which will destruct and destabilize the whole team into chaos, thus destroying the team as a cohesive unit in winning matches. These are fundamental rudiments for any team by coaches, if they are quite conversant about developing the mental and psychological aspects of his players as the most important qualities of each player under his control. It’s akin to having just one rotting potato in a sack which inherently will destroy and destabilize the whole team. If this scenario isn’t nicked in the bud by the coach, just be contented to make up the numbers for a season’s outcome.

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