Fiji Men 7s Unbeaten In Vancouver 7s



In the SVNS Vancouver 7s yesterday: Fijiana 17-21 USA and Fijiana 12-26 Australia, and in the Men’ s comp the All Blacks 7s 12-21 South Africa,
Australia 7-31 Samoa, Fiji 31-14 Spain and Argentina 12-10 Canada.

In the late games: Samoa 7-40 France and Fiji 22-12 Canada.

Today at the SVNS Vancouver 7s: Fijiana 36-7 Japan and in the Men’s comp – All Blacks 7s vs Great Britain at 8.43am, Samoa vs USA at 9.27am, Australia vs France at 9.49am and Fiji vs Argentina at 10.33am followed by the knockout games.

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