S01E08- Strength and Conditioning with Henry Elder- Snatch Squat.



Bula, today’s exercise is called the snatch squat or overhead squat now this exercise here develops the hip area the glutes, lower back, upper back and the whole trunk. To start off the exercise you need to hold the bar with a proper grip and the proper distance apart, that means you’ll have to hold it so it’s wide enough and then you do that by lifting the bar up overhead and trying to form an L. Make sure your hands aren’t too close together you can adjust till your grip is correct. The next thing you do is have your feet shoulder width a part or slightly further and your toes are pointed outwards, then you hold the bar overhead. The bar must remain overhead at all times and then you proceed to lower your hips and your butt down in a squat position. Remember to maintain good form at all times without compromising your form for speed or reps.

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