Fiji Airways TEIVOVO Rugby Show – Episode #10 Season #01 – S01E10 – #HSBC7s #Vancouver7s



I’m Culden Kamea, and welcome to Episode 10 of the Fiji Airways TEIVOVO rugby show.

Culden Kamea

Welcome to our rugby pacific review for another week I’m Culden Kamea.

i thought Argentina played very well to win the HSBC Vancouver sevens title on Sunday comprehensively beating our Fiji sevens team.

Welcome to our super rugby pacific review for another week i’m calden kamir.

i thought argentina played very well to win the hsbc vancouver sevens title on sunday comprehensively beating our fiji sevens team.

Our boys scored first to send all our fiji sevens fans absolutely wild in vancouver but argentina came charging back with all the answers and obviously done their homework
They were very alert to our offloading game and always had a player hanging back waiting to intercept and cut off our attacks.

Argentina also had their very own perry baker in marcos mineta an out and out flyer with speed to burn so much so that dan norton took one look at him flying and norton called it quits.

But we salute the great Englishman on sunday in vancouver moneta danced around our boys for two great tries .

We missed the extra strike power of wise nadulu who didn’t play in the final whilst pumas were more hungry and they Wwere able to pass in the tackle as our fiji tacklers attacked the ball and not hitting the ball carrier with their shoulders and arms to bring him down which was a key weakness and which I’m sure ben gollings would have taken note of.

Argentina won 29-10 and created a bit of history for themselves in Vancouver the .last time they won a hsbc sevens tournament title was 14 years ago so good on them.

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For I’m Culden Kamea.

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