Fiji Airways TEIVOVO Rugby Show – Episode #09 Season #01 – S01E09 – Go Fijiana Drua

Fiji Airways TEIVOVO Rugby Show – Episode #09 Season #01 – S01E09 – Go Fijiana Drua!



I’m Culden Kamea, and welcome to Episode 9 of the Fiji Airways TEIVOVO rugby show.

Culden Kamea

“Fiji may well get their score the ball is loose they’re over the line they do get the try driving
great line great ball tonight. Straight from the right she’s broken the line and you cannot stop her from getting a try it is the Fijiana’s Drua in the lead. Saluting the crowd she clears 17 points.”

First up i thought last weekend threw up some very negative rugby against our pacific island teams especially the Fijiana Drua and Moana Pacifika.

The very poor sportsmanship or sports womanship I should say of the Brumbies W against Fijiana Drua at Suncorp last Saturday was appalling and yet the Aussie TV commentators seem to support their win at all costs. Negative approach.

They’re playing as they see it it’ll be ash houston it’s nice it’s different it’s unusual marty and interesting to see thankfully the Fijiana Drua still won 17-7 over the Brumbies.

I would suggest to the woman’s Brumbies coach if you and your girls can’t handle the speed skills and fitness of Fijiana Drua and who play rugby with a positive spirit can go and try mud wrestling or politics.

Elections coming up soon in Australia The negative vibes in the men’s super rugby pacific games isn’t so bad but the number of boring tries from boring malls mainly from line outs is like watching hippos having an orgy.

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For I’m Culden Kamea.

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