S01E02 Rugby Skills #2 with Randall Kamea - side step

Episode #002 Rugby Skills with Randall Kamea – side step – S01E02



Bula guys and girls, our skill today is the side step. It is something that comes naturally to most Fijian kids, and this is a really good drill you can practice at home or with your friends at your rugby club.

Today we don’t have a defender so we’re using these cones i think you’ll find a lot of people that are new to rugby or still still uh kind of learning will will run and step on the same line not actually moving the defender so that isn’t very helpful for you and where you want to where you want to go

So i’m looking here to go left of my left of the defender i’ll run on a straight line take the defender one way and step once they’ve moved and accelerate accelerate off that step

So you want to practice off both legs so straight line take them off step and same thing here off the left leg

Also remember when you’re stepping so once that you’ve shifted them ball in both hands step and switch so that you can put a fender and just keep the ball safe away from the defender shifting them

Step step and go.

So that’s our skill for today thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next week

Thanks for your time today, and we’ll see you guys next week on my TV Show.

Randall Kamea

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