Razor Seeks NZRFU Approval For Fiji Gig



Apparently, Scott Robertson is seeking clearance from the New Zealand Rugby Football Union this weekend, to Coach the Flying Fijians to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France.

Their response will signal whether Razor is in the frame or not for the box of chocolates.

Either before or after the RWC 2023, Razor will know whether he is the new All Blacks Coach, or extend his contract with the Fiji Rugby Union.

5 thoughts on “Razor Seeks NZRFU Approval For Fiji Gig”

  1. Ngarimu Te Ahuru

    Wow! That is a massive call and I believe a great opportunity for NZRFU to give Razor that international exposure to the biggest international competition in rugby to take a tier 2 country Fifi in a rugby World Cup with only 7 months to kick off.
    And an even greater opportunity for Fiji international rugby. He would be the absolute right coach for Fiji the experience they would gain from his knowledge and his personality towards the players would make them better players then they themselves will know Razor can definitely bring that out of each player in as far as discipline technique and ball skills and once they learn that they will be a formidable team in the World Cup, unlike any other team in the competition Fiji has size and pace right across the field.

    I hope the NZRFU grant him that because it can only confirm more so to them that he should be the next all blacks coach.
    And Fiji could do some serious damage in this World Cup.

  2. It would let razor know where he stands in the pecking order,a yes would end his all black hopes,I say give NZ rugby the middle digit,earn some coin,and gain from it.there will be an English coach wanted as well soon.

  3. Yes great documentry really enjoyed. Great to see my nephew Zach playing with George Bridge with Montpelier club. Go Zach and the Crussaders.

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