Fijiana Drua

Fijiana Drua

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Fijiana 7s Flash In For 7th In Madrid

Team Fijiana 7s lost to Ireland 26-19 and lost again to USA 31-0 but they bounced back to trounce Great ...
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Fiji Airways Teivovo Rugby Show

15 Waratahs Seek Revenge In Wallaroos Test Against Fijiana 

Wallaroos Head Coach, Jay Tregonning can still see the pain in the New South Wales Waratahs players in his Australian ...
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Fijiana Drua Make History

ALL HAIL the Fijiana Drua for winning the Super W competition in Australia yesterday, beating the Waratahs 26-32 with another ...
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Fijiana Drua Ready To Crush NSW Waratahs 

Would you believe that Fijiana Drua Head Coach, Senirusi Seruvakula does not allow the girls to pray together, write bible ...

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Michael Jennings Jams Eels In A Thriller

Michael Jennings danced his way through the line of his former Club, to score for the Sydney Roosters to stave ...
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Watch France Beat Fiji In Madrid – Paris Next

France men and Australia women won the HSBC SVNS 2024 Champions in Madrid. France beat Argentina 19-5 in the men’s ...

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