Podcast #007 – Rugby Academy Fiji – Building good people through Rugby – Seremaia Bai #ROOTSRAKA S01E07



In this short ROOTS RAKA podcast interview we interview Seremaia Bai (former Flying Fijian) about his Rugby Academy Fiji.

Created and headed by Seremaia Bai (former Flying Fijian), Rugby Academy Fiji has seen good growth since it’s inception, but the academy and team aren’t here to create stars, they’re here to build good people!

The Rugby Academy Fiji program is from ages five to 13 both for boys and girls.

007 – Rugby Academy Fiji – Building good people through Rugby – Seremaia Bai #ROOTSRAKA S01E07

Since we first started i think only eight kids attended and then we grew from there at times we have about 100 kids and i’ve done playing professionally i think the only thing i was thinking about is just, you know, something that i can contribute towards building young rugby players.

Seeing the there’s a lot of gaps rugby development in Fiji has been more focused on on elite level not at the grassroots level.

When I mentioned grassroot level at the younger age you’ve seen also that rugby has been played in as a school base it’s not a organized community base, so for this program it can accept anyone from any school says as an example like Yat Sen , those are not the classic Katcha rugby school so for us we cater for for those an opportunity for them to participate.

For the Podcast – I’m Culden Kamea.

Malo, vina’a and thank you!

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