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10-06-2022 – Breakfast Bites – Breakfast Bites – a TEIVOVO Rugby Podcast S01E02



Bula and welcome to – “Breakfast Bites” – a wrap of the daily sports news! 10 June 2022

10-06-2022 – Breakfast Bites – Breakfast Bites – a TEIVOVO Rugby Podcast S01E02 #002

Watch  out for the flying Sevu Reece in the first Super Rugby Pacific  semifinal at 7.05pm tonight, and especially keep an eye out for the key  match-up between Brodie Retalick and the Crusaders Captain Scott  Barrett.

The  aging Chiefs warrior is in the fight of his life against the young gun  and tallest Barrett Bro, to see who will partner Sam Whitelock in the  All Blacks this international season.

As they say in rugby league – money talks and right now the NRL is flush with cash!

Every State of Origin player in ORIGIN I on Wednesday made A$30,000 match allowance just for making the game-day 17.

And  for all the players NOT in the State of Origin series, the NRL  announced a boost in their Club’s salary cap from the current  A$10Million ceiling to $10.5M next season, with an annual increase of A$100,000 each subsequent year during the next broadcast cycle.

Sad  news in boxing, the South African boxer who became disoriented during a  fight and threw punches in the direction of an empty corner has died.

You  may have seen the video of Simiso Buthelezi on Youtube, well he passed  away yesterday after being induced into a coma following the fight on 5  June in Durban. He was 24 years old. RIP bro.

Finally today, Tiger Woods turned down nearly US$1Billion to join the Saudi-backed LIV Tour, CEO Greg Norman told The Washington Post.

The  first LIV Invitational tournament teed off in London yesterday with  US$25Million in prize money of which US$4M goes to the winner.

For  their troubles, all 17 PGA-ranked players who entered this tournament –  including Phil Mickleson and Sergio Garcia, have been suspended by the  US PGA, who see the Saudi-backed tour as a big threat.

Geez and I thought golf was a gentlemen’s game!

For – I’m Culden Kamea. Malo, vina’a and thank you!

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Breakfast Bites – a TEIVOVO Rugby Podcast

“Breakfast Bites” – a wrap of the daily sports news by Culden Kamea of TEVIVOVO Rugby!

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