South Africa Ready To Rumble In Singapore

South Africa Ready To Rumble In Singapore



The Blitzboks got right down to business after arriving in Singapore yesterday morning – 12 hours ahead of Fiji, for the fifth World 7s Series tournament.

The defending Series champions take on Canada, Kenya and the USA in Pool A at the Singapore National Stadium.

“With a good carry over the top of standard smith goes to scrum half and antler kicks and sanadler chases he’s burning them got the bounce got the trying great vision from the superstar finisher too many mistakes in my view from australia in the first minute of the second half.

Ball goes to ground, silly penalties as well and then sanatla looked up no sweeper in behind you’re not going to catch him
he’s one of the quickest players in world rugby you can’t give him a head start you’re never going to catch him it’s curry falling from agave black out the back collie third round new start into the play you stopped delaying that one’s over.

What is violent contact there eventually spec man kettle kettle away from pretoria it’s pretorius angling back in field pretorius gets through the line there’s nobody on the other side to stop tracy pretorius.

In the first seven minutes is jc pretoria especially in the middle of the park or his had to chase and make tackles and lock that up defensively he finds himself on the edge this time hadil goes out wide so even though he’s a fought in the game to see him he’s got a lot i guess a lot of speed.

All the time in the world he’s very patient with the ball in hand and france goes over the top destroys warping shake saw his wife be not able to get free so far in this game, let’s box cadillac does well for tourists jc petorius two players on in one-handed flag victorious delivers and shanks or his whopping says thank you very much.

Abaya donkey in africa done that man jc pretorius we see the value of the offload watch he steps into defenders he ends
the right to off-road soya swappy he’s the beneficiary it’s a nice easy runner straight down.

Hang on to this one and when they had to go in to catch him danacop was there on his shoulder but he turned on the
afterburners and giliskako was powerless to do anything except hanging to the jersey as he went over for the five points
down the what a determined trademark start from him one of those players who never really is tackled spec one
stepping and pace brilliant well those deep breaths have done the trick

Completely different look to it now found a big run and then spatman from depth did the rest yeah but have a look at the
step the camera will be the only thing that can catch it because he just goes there and bang gone off the left the russians are just looking at each other saying i thought he was yours and whatever neil powell said at half
time it certainly worked

Under the posts and i just love the fact that three or four of the team are always sprinting towards where the trials being
scored to give him a hug and say well done he let him shut it fantastic first to face seven each just under three minutes to go first half

Whole lane let’s box bursting through here they come south Africa putting the hammer down is currently oh that is wheels

We saw it in the first game miranda grabbing a brace in the first game and again just picks his head up springboks is so
good at moving the ball so good at taking different options but you know what if the space in front of you take it when you’ve got wheels so they’ve got plenty of trial scoring options and points of machines five all the score then the clock gets this one off that race starts and that’s the crocker burger

He’s that so well to restart you can tell they’ve done this one or two times back in south africa beautiful restart retention as he makes his way under the sticks another little glance to the man from now space he said in stellenbosch the
chatting academy

It’s what they do week in week out and it’s moments like those that can change africa sweeps in and scoops it up
is an outlet outside so now

He had no right to score the sierra bella cesel africa was the one who took it forward chris drive verna clock look at the way he engages the defense because of the speed he takes it he’s not going to go around the outside snap but look at his boom gone stops on a dime that is why he was playing world seven’s player of the year last year

Got a hat trick yesterday against Kenya already two on the board here in this first half it’s been a great battle hasn’t it
between sonata and perez on this.

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