S01E05 “Price Gouging” – why are Fijian Drua vs Highlanders match tickets so expensive?



This week Culden Kamea talks about the elephant in room, with “Price Gouging” in ticket prices in FIji for the upcioming Super Rugby Pacific Game between the Fijian Drua and the Waikato Cheifs at the ANZ Stadium in Suva, Fiji on 30th April 2022. The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua game against the Highlanders at Suva’s ANZ Stadium is the only Super Rugby Pacific home game for 2022. Tickets for the Saturday, April 30 game are already on sale. Since no one else has said anything, I just have to get this little winch off my chest and address the elephant in the room: GOUGING Why are the ticket prices for the Fijian Drua versus Highlanders Super Rugby Pacific game in SouthA on 30th April so expensive compared to all other Super Rugby Pacific games in Australia and New Zealand?  They are exorbitant, to say the least, and they’re being played at way better stadiums, with nearly all having bucket seats and roof cover over there in New Zealand and Australia.  Surely for their first ever home game in Fiji, you would have thought the pricing would have been set to encourage and allow the families and matengali of each Fiji and Drew a player to come along and celebrate. But no, there’s not even a special ticket price for families. CULDEN KAMEA ASKS THE HARD QUESTIONS IN RUGBY! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teivovo-rugby/message

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