Peter de Villiers, ex Springbok Rugby coach, talks to Cape Media

RIP Theresa de Villiers Wife Of Former Boks Coach



The wife of former Springboks Head Coach, Peter de Villiers has died by drowning. A family member found her floating in a pool where she was declared dead by emergency workers and formally identified as 62-year-old Theresa de Villiers. Police say no foul play was suspected.

Peter de Villiers, ex Springbok Rugby coach, talks to Cape Media about rugby, sport and leadership. Peter de Villiers became the first non-white rugby coach of the South African national rugby team, the Springboks, and remained as head coach for the duration of his four-year contract.

Well it was a lifelong dream you know when I wanted I when I was a young boy I wanted to play with the Springboks but
in a party didn’t allow us to be part of it and I made up my mind in my mother can can confirm well if I can’t play
with it I will one day coaching and Mia there I am so I think we should control the game go at all levels referring
every every aspect of the game.

The schools are ugly the way we want to play how do we wait we want to strike win how do we want to develop the individual when we want him to be fully developed so that we can now can compare apples with apples it will
be select and there’s no sides what if you look at my if you look at my the name of my book I think people maybe
they will interpret it wrongly

I just say that that I’m my own man you know I don’t think there’s a lot of politics in the rug business that people want to be politically correct they want to be in they want to don’t want to hurt people they don’t want to take control and then
take responsibility for what decisions

They make a leader after for me we we have ff1 great writing ladies we have to listen and we have to to be thieves
because we need to steal that intellectual properties

That can make us as leader so much strong and and the stronger you are as a leader the more you can stand back and let other people move forward to so so when you fall away

The thing that you are working with the Empire you working in building will still go forward that won’t go down you know I think that is a great leadership trait of anybody if you can allow other people to grow around you

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