Read My Lips – Razor Says “Bula”



“Bula” is how Scott “Razor” Robertson greeted a One News team in Christchurch yesterday after they had asked him about his Coaching future. While he revealed nothing about a job in Fiji, instead saying that he had been told good news by NZRFU and an official announcement from them “was imminent”, the NZRFU later released a statement denying that.

So what can we read into all this?

Why “Bula” Razor? Maybe he just said so to Sevu Reece or George Bower and so said it again? Maybe Razor was sending a cryptic signal to his Fiji fans – who knows?

It’s obvious the New Zealand media are clueless about Razor’s interest in a short-term, one-off Flying Fijians gig to the Rugby World Cup in France in September, because his “Bula” just went straight over their heads.

The NZRFU had to deny what Robertson said yesterday about an “imminent” announcement, out of respect to the incumbent All Blacks Coach, Ian “Fuzzy” Foster.

Fingers crossed NZRFU does not block Razor’s ambitions.

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