Pio Bosco February 2022

Interview with Pio Bosco – Emperor Bosco



Welcome I’m Culden Kamea for TEIVOVO digital and today I’ve got an absolute honor to interview this great legend of rugby in Fiji Britain and the Pacific and the world in fact Pio Bosco, the Emperor himself. And I mentioned that because his new book which has just come out here in Fiji called Emperor Bosco.

Pio Bosco Tikoisuva – Rugby Legend

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The book is a fascinating read, I read it all in one afternoon and it’s amazing and gave me some great insights for the interview today so welcome Bosco and thank you very very for coming along.

Bosco had a very lustrous career played 19 tests for fiji from 1968 through to 1979. He was only 21 years old when he debuted for Fiji against Tonga in the second test of a three test series and for the first test after the trials.

They said they didn’t pick him because he was too small and yet his great-grandfather was one of the instrumental warrior chiefs for the Tui Cakau when they fought off and Mafu’s warriors led by the great Tongan warlord Vainikolo at the battle of Wairiki in 1864.

So I read the book, and I really want to base my interview this afternoon with Bosco around the book and to start off with Bosco in your early years you mentioned two key things that stood, out discipline and physical responsibility when you’re a young boy growing up.

Yeah that was the traditional Fijian lifestyle at that time whatever your father says you do it you no response at all. No matter what it is if your father tells you something you have to do it yes, and at that time too if you disobey your father he’ll give you the real whacking 😉Pio Bosco

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Pio Bosco February 2022
Publisher Culden Kamea interviews Pio Bosco – February 2022
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