Chewing The Fat with Nicky Price



It’s that painful time of the year again for northern hemisphere professional rugby players when all the off-season festivities gets shredded. The rugby pre-season is one of the most painful yet enjoyable experiences. It sets the tone for the season ahead, creates mental strength and forms everlasting bonds on and off the field.

Whether you’ve already started or you’re still enjoying some time off, here are a couple of workouts to help keep you in decent shape. All you’ll need is a sports field or running track and Kettle Bells.

Warm up:

Run 100M in 30Secs, rest 30s x 5
Stretch 10-15Mins with a focus on dynamic stretching

Run session:

Run 100M in 20Secs, rest 20Secs x 10
Run 100M in 15Secs, rest 45Secs x 10
Run 100M in 15Secs, rest 45Secs x 10

Kettle Bell session:

Kettle bell squat & overhead press x 10
Push-ups x 10
Kettle bell swing x 10
Kettle bell lunges x 10 each leg
Kettle bell shoulder press x 10

Do 5 rounds as fast as you can. Finish with 50 x Burpees.

Adjust the running and rest times to suit you.

by Nicky Price

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