#009 – Eastern Saints Rugby Club – Seremaia Bai #ROOTSRAKA S01E09



In this short ROOTS RAKA interview we interview Seremaia Bai (former Flying Fijian) about his Rugby Academy Fiji for girls with the club, Eastern Saints Rugby Club. Bula my name is Sermaia Bai. At my back is it’s a girl’s program with Eastern Saints Rugby Club.   The club is around two and a half to three years old club this is a new program for our girls our daughters that eager and want to try out with the rugby. So they just started probably a month ago, you know the interest from the girls is amazing, I think probably got to do with the power women’s sevens team in the world in the Olympics and Credit to them. Most of the girls, or probably 90 percent of our girls, they never played you know they just want to come and try out and you see it’s fun and the the tournament has been great we are increasing at time we we reach up to 60 girls. Probably it’s just probably the environment we’re trying to set we feel all girls are welcome We have sets of rules that we need to follow in order for everybody to participate equally this girl’s program.  It’s the you know it’s catered from under 14 and the 16 and 18 under open. So different Schools different ages different background some come all the way from Nausori . You know different different some some probably don’t you know stay in school anymore. But we welcome them for us is about setting an environment where you know kids or girls can come in. And something they can you know make friends and you know have a bit of fun and and be active at the same time . I do have a daughter and i know what it means to have rugby for their life because it creates an opportunity for her to get a scholarship overseas. It’s just a safe space where they can just come and have fun and then on top of that we’re just trying to improve their skill set and the knowledge of the game. So it’s kind of a beginning program for all our girls you know you’re hiring the ground trying to get the equipment and the girls they come from some are facing trouble with getting a bus fare to get here you know we’re trying to cater for getting some juice afterwards and some things to to for them to eat since they have to go back to their home after school hours. Those are probably the the challenges for us we are facing. Listen to full episode for this great initiative and how you can help. #TEIVOVOFijiRugbyShow #TeivovoRugby #TeivovoDigital #rugby #rugby7s #FijiRugby #rugbyunion #rugbyleague #Raka #team #rugbytraining #sports #FRU #Fiji — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teivovo-rugby/message

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