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Episode #001 Women’s Rugby – Interview with Vela Naucukidi, Women’s Development Manager @ Fiji Rugby Union February 2022 S01E01



Bula, I am Vela Naucukidi and I work at Fiji Rugby Union as the Women’s Development Manager.

Right now the increase in numbers not only the the players also the the change in the mindset in the behavior of the parents and the coaches.

The male coaches, they want to be involved in the sport and that was something that I’m so grateful to work with those male coaches in the Fijiana team. They’ve proven that men can also coach women so there are more male coaches involved right now with women’s rugby and then increasing numbers and it shows in the last leg of the series.

Womens participation

The increase of women’s participation participating in the FRU series from four to five and the last weekend was 10 to 12 teams that participated in the sevens in Singapore.

That shows the increasing numbers of the girls coming into the into the game.

We’ve set up junior clubs, sort of development centers, around the country where they can. If you’re in a school that doesn’t play rugby, you can contact us, so we can give you the contact, to put in contact with with the existing new clubs or new junior clubs.

That way, they can be trained and be part of the be part of the journey.

I think this is the best time to come in because we don’t have that big player base just like the men where there’s a lot of players where the coach can pick from.

New Recruits Wanted

We are looking and recruiting new ones and this year just to highlight, we will be sending the under 18 Fiji, and they’ll be participating in New Zealand, at the same time as the Rugby World Cup, that’ll be happening in October New Zealand.

So that’s another pathway we have under 18 girls and then the youth Commonwealth Games are coming up.

So for the young girls, just be involved. Vela Naucukidi, Women’s Development Manager @ Fiji Rugby Union

Whether you can be a player or a referee, you know we’re also looking for female referees.

You know referees are also paid so another source of income.

Not everybody can do well in school; not everybody can run around on the pitch; but we are looking for young girls who can be physios, that can be managers.

Look at me, and also referees.

Next month we kick off in March, and we kick off the the Skipper Cup for the Provincial competition. We have the women’s senior and also we have the under 19.

So that’s another pathway for the young girls to come and join the the eight unions.

We start first with the the top eight, the eight provincial unions, and before the B division of the Vanua teams, the rest of the 16 unions.

That’ll take part in the Fiji Rugby Provincial Competition so we have the senior, and this year we’ll be introducing first ever under 19 into the fiji rugby Fiji Rugby Provincial Competition.

So PLENTY of opportunities for girls to get involved in Fiji Rugby.Vela Naucukidi, Women’s Development Manager @ Fiji Rugby Union

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