Fijiana 7s Unbeaten In Perth 7s Day One



The HSBC SVNS Perth 7s yesterday Team Fijiana 7s bashed Brazil 15-40 and smashed Spain 0-31.

Team Fijiana 7s play France at 2.22pm today, while Fiji Men play the All Blacks 7s at 5.25pm in their final pool game.

The Women’s quarter finals start at 7.26pm tonight. The Men’s cup quarter finals will start at 10.10pm with the semifinals on Sunday afternoon.

The Fiji Airways Men beat Samoa 7-14 in their first pool game and France trashed the All Blacks 7s 17-33 in the Perth Pool of Death.

Later, NZ beat Samoa 12-17 and Fiji beat France 21-26.

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