S01E07 Women's Rugby - Women behind the scenes at the Marist 7s

Episode #007 Women’s Rugby – Women behind the scenes at the Marist 7s  #TEIVOVOrugby S01E07



So I look after the physios here at the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s. Player welfare is paramount for us, apart from having doctors we also have a chiropractor we
have a dentist on standby and we also have nurses. We have the team from St John but apart from that we have these students here from FNU.

The students from FNU benefit they really enjoy coming to this event because the Marist7s allows them to put into practice what they’ve learned on the books and it also challenges some of the ideas or that they learn back in school.

I have been in this system ever since I was a small boy i started as a ball boy and then i woke up to look after the team that runs the ball race and and then now i’ve been given the privilege to look after the medics.

Normally we have a lot of joint injuries so what this means is most of the players they focus on the big muscles they don’t look at the joint muscles or functional they don’t do functional exercises but it’s surprising.

You’re just talking about it there’s not much injuries and that’s a really good thing people have been learning from all these these managers briefly give them every year before the games we normally drive it there about these kind of things and it seems to be sinking in

What motivates you to give your time and come in every year and help officiate here?

that’s a good question i never thought of it but i think it’s just because i’ve been through the system. my dad was in it and now i’m in it as well and just working in this team with a lot of experienced people. it’s almost like a family and you can’t let your family down. So that’s why we come back every year.

Interview with Anise – clinical coordinator at Fiji National University

I’m Anise, and i’m one of the clinical coordinators at Fiji National University for the physiotherapy program.

Is this your first year working at the Marist7s?

No this is my fourth year fourth year. we have been coming here every year with our students and this is a great opportunity for us to come and experience what the other physios have been doing here and our students get a good exposure.

So what do you have to say about this tournament the atmosphere working here, do you enjoy it?

it has been wonderful and we have been taken good care of. we’ve been provided with everything and the main thing is the experience that we get we get to see a lot of different types of injuries and whatever we learn in school we can come into our practice and learn from other physios who are
also attached with the teams.

Pauloa Qerwa – Volunteer

I’m in the marshals, we direct the teams to the appropriate venues in the grounds yes

What made you decide to give up your Saturday and come down and officiate the Marist7s and volunteer give your time?
oh yes sir thank you i just because of the values of the brothers yes the five values the five five pillars of the presence and one of the villages presents so we are here together to support the Marist7s rugby club

DXC (Dynamic Extreme Concept)

What company do you work for ?

DXE and they sell in all these merchandise here this is awesome stuff you guys have got here.

Which team are you supporting here today and why?

The Seahawks , we’ve got two teams one is seahawks. right one is Raiwasa awesome, very good teams there

Why are you supporting these teams?

We’ve been engaged with them for one year now i see the ladies team we’ve been engaged there
for one year now right yes we’re supporting all the rugby’s right in fiji because they need all the support you know

Joe Vakatavitavi – President Suva Referees

Bula, i’m coordinating the referees for the Marist7s on behalf of Fijian referees we are just made up of Suva referees with the inclusion of our two international representatives

We are quite fortunate that we had a guest referee who’s coming all the way from Japan. She’s here as a English student, learning English and we are quite happy that she’s here to work with us

Ano Kuwai -Referee (Japan)

Bula, nice to meet you and you’re a guest referee from jap, how are you finding fiji so far
Fiji is so good yes yeah and rugby you’re enjoying the referee yeah it’s good definitely it’s good
do you play as well. I stopped playing when I started refereeing.

I understand you again fiji and you’re living here now studying here is that right ?
I stay here three weeks in Fiji , yeah it’s been exciting you know just like any other service

Kuini Vuli -Referee

yeah it’s been exciting you know just like any other Marist7s, a lot of opportunities to run in work
once come back running you know different game different dynamics so it’s always exciting and a lot of opportunity for for development for us

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