S01E03 Women's Rugby - 1st game for Fijiana Drua

Episode #003 Women’s Rugby – 1st game for Fijiana Drua #TEIVOVOrugby S01E03



Welcome back to Women’s rugby coverage on this channel. At the moment we are just looking forward to the game this weekend the first game for the Fijiana in the Super W series.

Fijian have their first game against the rebels in Melbourne time and they they played only one warm-up match which they defeated the reds but 30 i think 34 20.

That was two weeks ago so basically right now we are excited it’s the first time we play in the super w series.

And at the same time there’s a lot of things that are happening at rugby house preparing for the international women’s day for next week that’s happening next week.

There’s a lot of things that are coming up, announcements and celebrating the our success women’s rugby success long journey and what Fiji rugby has in store for for women’s rugby.

Coming up the under 18 girls will be going to the world cup like i mentioned in the last segment, i’m hoping to to get more girls to participate in the trials when we announced the dates for the trials and inviting the parents to support their girls coming into play because this is this will be their first trip to the rugby world cup and it will be a different atmosphere altogether playing at the pinnacle of a tournament in rugby.

Especially when when it’s the first time for fiji to participate in the in the rugby world cup.

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