Teivovo Rugby Recommendation For A Global Comp After RWC2023



At the RWC2023 in France:

  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Tonga
  • Romania
  • Japan
  • Scotland
  • Samoa
  • Georgia
  • Italy and
  • Uruguay

have all gone home, so with the exception of Samoa and Japan, shouldn’t they form the basis of a global Tier Two comp?

You could group the Europeans together in one pool – Portugal, Romania, Georgia and Italy with Scotland, and have Tonga, Uruguay pooled with Chile, Canada and USA.

Meanwhile, Australia, Samoa and Japan join Fiji, Argentina and New Zealand in one pool, while Ireland, Wales, France, England and South Africa play in another pool in a Tier One comp.

The top two from each pool clash in the semi-finals and the bottom pool finishers each year are relegated from Tier One and the Tier Two pool winners are promoted. 


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