S01E05 Rugby Training Skills with Randall Kamea - hand-eye coordination & peripheral vision

S01E09 Rugby Skills with Randall Kamea – the grubber kick – S01E09 #TEIVOVOrugby



Welcome to another Rugby Skills set with your host and former national 7’s rep Randall Kamea as he teaches us skills for the rugby pitch, this week we’re looking at the grubber kick.

This is a great drill for centers to practice and you can practice it with your wing as well.

Today i’ll just be doing it on my own so it’s basically catching the ball in your midfield position and putting a grubber kick in in inside the 15 or 10 meter line for your wing to catch running onto it.

So we’ll be starting off here that’s where we’re going to be looking to kick into that square area and we’ll hopefully get the ball running really well across the ground and then bouncing sitting up for a winger running onto it.

So as as the winger thisn is another reason you want to be starting on the touch line or as wide as you can as the grubber kick doesn’t always bounce up for you.

So if it’s rolling across the ground you you want to be coming in attacking it so you can get low and and pick it up easy

If you if you’re running with it and it goes past and it doesn’t sit up with a good bounce then you’re kind of chasing it and it’s easy to to fumble a rolling ball when you’re chasing it from behind as opposed to running onto it attacking it.

So you would have noticed i was starting a bit off the mark where i was kicking from and this is just because with a lot of kick to be catching and then taking it sideways just to create a bit more space for yourself and then putting that kick in

Another important thing is with the with the grubber kick you’re taking it to the line a bit more than you would a kick just going up in in the air.

So with the grubber kick if we’re attacking from left to right ideally you want to be kicking off your right foot just keeping that ball away from the defense

And if you’re attacking right to left same thing kicking off your left foot just keeping it away from the defense again

So there’s a few little things you can practice at home or with your club with a friend and i hope it helps you helps your game and helps take you to the next level see you next week

We’ll see you guys next week on my TV Show.

Randall Kamea

S01E09 Rugby Skills with Randall Kamea – the grubber kick – S01E09 #TEIVOVOrugby

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