S01E07 - Pio Bosco and Joe Rodan interview

S01E07 – Pio Bosco and Joe Rodan interview @ #Marist7s – ROOTS RAKA #TEIVOVOrugby #RootsRaka



Join us at the 46th Fiji Bitter Marist7s as we interview two very iconic sportsman of Fiji and pioneers of the Marist7s in Pio Bosco Tikoisuva and Joe Rodan. we also catch up with fans and teams behind the scenes !

Early on day three our team also caught up for a quick word with Emperor Bosco

How is this tournament compared to previous years for you ?

I think it’s still going on as a starter former it’s been a popular one and a lot of people a lot of teams would like to come and show their talents here which is good which is good and it’s really getting everybody throughout fiji where they want to come and pick up

Do you have a team that you uh following here the sevens that you are going for ?

At the moment i’m just open to every team. I just want to come and watch

Lastly pure do you think Marist Fiji sevens has contributed or helped develop the game of rugby here in this country in Fiji ?

Yes i think it does because i started it in 1976 when i came back from england and i used to play seventh in england so i started in 76. And it’s really grown and uh it’s really good because as i said it’s a platform for every the members to come and show their talents and for the selectors to come in the

Fiji rugby union selectors to come and see the watch on the thing and i think it’s really as i said

Even when we started it when you said it started to grow it grow and now i said one of those years we had and we use all the grounds in suva for all the pool games and they only come here on the quarter finals but it’s still very popular at the moment which is good

S01E07 – Pio Bosco and Joe Rodan interview #Marist7s #TEIVOVOrugby

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