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Episode #6 : Shoulder Press – Strict Press – Rugby Strength and Fitness Tips with Henry Elder – S01E06



Bula it’s Henry Elder here with you today and assisting me today is Vika Toriyataka one of our weightlifters preparing for the pacific mini games. Our exercise today is the shoulder press or as known in weightlifting circles of a strict press.

Now this develops the shoulders and there’s a secondary mover or assisting muscle for triceps

With this exercise the first thing is you stand with the feet shoulder width apart

We’re using a stick here, you can use a bar a crowbar or anything that you have with some weight

Your your grip is about shoulder width apart then you lift the bar up to shoulder level palms are facing upward and the bar is resting on your hand

From here all you do is you proceed to push the bar up overhead and bring your chin forward just like that another one down and push up down and up in a controlled manner like that

One friendly reminder if you’re gonna be participating in any physical activity of any sort always remember to get clearance from a qualified medical practitioner

Also if you need any advice on health and fitness or strength and conditioning you can always contact me and the details are on the screen now

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