S01E04 Rugby Strength and Fitness Training Tips - regular deadlift

Episode #4 : Regular Deadlift – Rugby Strength and Fitness Tips with Henry Elder – S01E04



Okay next up here we have the conventional or what most people call the regular deadlift.

So the stance in this exercise is pretty much the same as the squat and also the barbell row so you stand with your feet about shoulder width apart then you grab onto the bodice several ways you can hold the bar you can hold it with a both close grip or you can have an open and close grip.

So like so okay first up stand upright okay so feet about shoulder width apart all right stay right there okay some prefer to have it parallel the feet parallel so you have both feet parallel move that in.

Yeah and then some prefer to have it slightly outwards for rugby i would prefer to have it slightly outwards just slightly that’s a bit too much just move it in a bit more

Okay so in that position that’s in the upright position however when you’re gonna be doing the deadlift the bar will be on the floor so you’ll start there Or pick it up and imagine that we have weights on the side so you’ll shift your hips down

Keep your chin up slightly. Make a big chest, stand up a little bit more so around this position here is where the bar is because of the weights so from that position and what you do you stand up with the shoulders bring your hips in and lock out at the top but as you go on the descent you lean over a little bit

Drop down and then drop the butt down into a squat then stand up in the squat and then lean over and then stand hinge so you are hinging from here at the top locking out at the top

Okay let’s go back into a squat down stand and bring the hips in into a lockout position there where you lock your hip and your knees let’s do that one more time down lean over stand up and good very good.

So this exercise is a very important exercise it’s done a lot for the front rows because the development that it has on the glutes the lower back and the thighs and in the position that you’re in so there’s a lot of load on the areas that are developed that are very useful in scrummaging and rucks and malls.

So there you go that’s the conventional deadlift.

One friendly reminder if you’re gonna be participating in any physical activity of any sort always remember to get clearance from a qualified medical practitioner. Also if you need any advice on health and fitness or strength and conditioning you can always contact me and the details are on the screen now.

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