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Episode #3 : Barbell Row – Rugby Strength and Fitness Tips with Henry Elder – S01E03



So we’re gonna be learning how to do the barbell row it’s a very important exercise in rugby and it’s important for many many different reasons.

One is it develops upper body pulling strength now pulling strength is important obviously if you’re in a ruck or a mall you’ll be able to hold on to the ball or if you standing over somebody you want to rip the ball off this movement here is what we’re going to develop here.

In addition to the the drive that you have as a runner so if you’re running with the ball the drive back here the exercise that we do here develops that power okay so this is the bubble row.

So stand upright with your feet about shoulder width apart pretty much the same as the squat position and the hands the grip on the bar is over grasp just like that

Okay and then the thumbs are over over that way right there . Okay and the grip is slightly outside of the thigh.

Okay so then you bend over with your knees slightly bent into a slightly leaning over position where you’re about 60 degrees and then you pull under the chest and release slowly down That’s it you know a little bit more slightly that’s it.

All right and just let the bar go down, straight down, perfect , nice and control so you can pull with a little bit more speed up and then slowly control it back down up and control down

That’s it maintain that forward lean slightly forwardly that’s it and good

So we have variations with that you can also use dumbbells holding it on the side here that’s another way you can develop your upper body pulling

One friendly reminder if you’re going to be participating in any physical activity of any sort always remember to get clearance from a qualified medical practitioner also if you need any advice on health and fitness or strength and conditioning you can always contact me and the details are on the screen now

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