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Episode #2 : Basic Squat – Rugby Training Tips with Henry Elder – S01E02



Today we’re going to learn how to do a basic squat.

Now the squat is a very important exercise and it’s done in many different sports and for many different reasons but in our sport in rugby we use it for the development of strength and power and also to assist in the development of speed.

Okay I’ve Curtis with me and we are going to start off in learning the basics of the back squat

Okay so first up is the placement of the bar the bar has to be placed on what we call the trapezoids so if you can just turn around Curtis and let me take the bar so this spongy spot here in between the shoulders and the neck this spot here okay so that’s where you place the bar

Okay let’s turn around again so we’ll place the bar there and the uh the hands should be somewhat closer to the shoulder a little bit closer not too far apart

Okay so there’s a reason why we do that and that’s so that you can ensure that you have a big chest so your chest is upright and you can stand upright like some of the former props and hookers before the represent represented fiji like bill gandol he’s got a very big chest so he stands upright like so

So in that position there then your feet have to be at least about shoulder-width apart or slightly wider like that and then your toes are pointed outwards

Okay from this position you need to engage your core or your stomach muscles then we proceed so you go down sitting back into the squat until your hamstrings come about parallel to the floor then you can stand up some go into a deep squat

Okay just one important thing to note is that when you’re doing your squat you’re going to ensure that your feet are nice and planted flat on the ground and that your heels do not raise off the floor so you can ensure by you by doing that by placing your feet flat on the ground and as you go down into your squat lean forward slightly engaging your core

One friendly reminder if you’re going to be participating in any physical activity of any sort always remember to get clearance from a qualified medical practitioner also if you need any advice on health and fitness or strength and conditioning you can always contact me and the details are on the screen now

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