FRU Spy In The Coconut Tree As Tonga Trump Australia A



Tonga warmed up for their upcoming Test against the Fiji Water Flying Fijians in their Pacific Nations Cup clash in Lautoka this coming weekend with a 27-21 win over Australia A in Nukualofa yesterday, but little did they know, the Fiji Rugby Union had employed the old “spy in a coconut tree trick” for a bird’s eye view of the Tongan’s tactics.

Meanwhile, final results from the World Rugby U20 Championship 2023 in South Africa: France 50-14 Ireland, England 15-22 South Africa, Australia 57-33 Wales, NZ 50-26 Georgia, Fiji 22-43 Argentina for sixth place and Italy 45-27 Japan so down they go to the World Rugby U20 trophy in 2024.

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