Drua CEO Thorburn Threatens TV Broadcast Delay In Fiji Sun



Fijian Drua CEO, Brian Thorburn has challenged TeivovoRugby.com podcaster, Culden Kamea to a public debate on the high ticket prices for the Fijian Drua v Highlanders game at ANZ Stadium. Kamea has pointed out that all Super games overseas only charge $30 for grandstand tickets and asked why these tickets are so expensive.


Fijian Drua CEO Brian Thorburn.

1 thought on “Drua CEO Thorburn Threatens TV Broadcast Delay In Fiji Sun”

  1. Culden is right. Tickets too expensive. Chop the price by 25 %, get a real Fiji atmosphere. Better yet, play Drua games in a proper rugby stadium like Lawaqa or Churchill. Suva is rubbish for atmosphere and it inevitably rains.

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