Background Buzz – World Rugby has revamped and rebranded its World 7s Series as “HSBC SVNS” – 19 July 2023



OK so in Background Buzz this morning – World Rugby has revamped and rebranded its World 7s Series as “HSBC SVNS”, a global celebration of rugby sevens across eight iconic cities – a festival and a must-attend experience set in some of the world’s most exciting locations.  

With a bold ambition to supercharge rugby’s global reach and appeal by being more relevant and accessible to younger, leisure-hungry audiences, HSBC SVNS aims to deliver the ultimate in immersive experiences, a unique festival of sport, entertainment and culture set against stunning backdrops. 

Launching in December 2023, HSBC SVNS – which is short for “7s” festivals will provide the annual platform for the world’s best sevens athletes to shine with 12 men’s and women’s teams sharing a global stage at the same location.

Sorry Kiwis but no more bustling Hamilton hosting, instead the new HBSC SVNS cities and festival dates are:  

  • ·       Dubai, UAE – 2-3 December, 2023 
  • ·       Cape Town, South Africa – 9-10 December, 2023 
  • ·       Perth, Australia – 26-28 January, 2024 
  • ·       Vancouver, Canada – 23-25 February, 2024 
  • ·       Los Angeles, USA – 2-3 March, 2024 
  • ·       Hong Kong SAR, China – 5-7 April 2024
  • ·       Singapore – 3-5 May 2024 
  • ·       Madrid, Spain – 31 May-2 June, 2024 

Some interesting breaks there with Perth on its own and also Hong Kong on its own a month earlier than Singapore and a month after Los Angeles.

Madrid Spain the other new venue.

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